Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You're in Over-Drive... STOP IT!!!

Oh my gosh, I love XanGo. I stopped drinking it for 2 months. The rash came back on my hands, I got the flu twice, and my cold lasted forever. I've been back drinking XanGo for 2 weeks now and
  • the rash is gone (whew)
  • no more colds
  • don't have allergies... and I used to get them all the time right around now
  • definitely more chipper (in retrospect, I was much grumpier - yes, I confirmed this with family and friends. I think they're glad I'm taking XanGo again too)

Anyway, our bodies are bombarded with all kinds of junk (smog, pollution, un-healthy food, contaminated water, etc.). Why make your body work as hard?!?!?! Take your body off of over-drive! Give it a rest! The xanthones in XanGo fight inflammation - which, as I've been reading, is the root of most diseases. (yikes!!!)

The good news is: THERE IS HOPE!!

Check out www.SecretsforHealth.com to read about it - - after all, knowledge is power!!! And be sure to get your free ebook when you go there - it's on the home page.

To your health! :)


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