Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Living Happier

"When you become detached mentally from yourself and concentrate on helping other people with their difficulties, you will be able to cope with your own more effectively. Somehow, the act of self-giving is a personal power-releasing factor."

-Norman Vincent Peale

So true...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Allergy Season Strikes Again

Are you a victim of allergies? You know the symptoms: itchy, watery eyes, sore throats, sneezing, just to name a few. Those who are affected deeply also experience headaches and low-grade fevers. (This is their body's way of trying to fight the attack.) More than 20% of Americans suffer from the oh-so-lovely symptoms of allergies.

The Truth: allergies are genetic. This means if your parents had allergies, you have a higher chance of getting them too.

The Bad and the Good News: Over the counter drugs have side affects, as do prescription medicines. Before you get to the point of: “I don’t care I just want to get my nose to stop running!” check out these natural methods to lessen the symptoms of allergies.

Close those windows!
Pollens and molds are often allergy culprits. During peak pollen season, drive with your car windows closed.

Spring Clean
Take the time to thoroughly clean your home. Be sure to dust off those bookshelves and clean your air conditioning vents. Over the winter, they are well-loved resting places for dust and mold.

Bring Home Spiders
Spider Plants, that is. These plants are incredible - they are able to absorb many of the toxins in your home. They are also very easy to take care of. And for those of us who may forget to water a plant here and there, take heart: spider plants are very forgiving... and low maintenance.

Wash that Pollen Out of Your Hair
Mitzi Gaynor may have wanted to wash a man out of her hair - to no avail. Luckily, washing pollen out is much easier. Consider taking showers at night to get rid of your daily pollen collection. Pets (and children!) can be pollen carriers too, so be sure to suds them up!

Keep Your Immune System Up
Supplements and daily vitamins keep your immune system running top-notch. If your body’s running at its best, it will be able to combat those pollens, molds, and spores much easier. I HIGHLY recommend drinking XanGo. Pollens and molds drove me crazy. And I was one of the ones that got headaches, and low-grade temperatures. (not good when you're a teacher!) Since I've started drinking XanGo, my symptoms have lessened each allergy season. That means I actually get to smell the roses without hating them! If you're having allergy problems, I wholeheartedly suggest giving XanGo a try. You just may find it works for you too!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stephen Covey

"Be Proactive: Avoid blaming, complaining and analyzing others' weaknesses. Look at their weakness with compassion, not accusation. The issue isn't what they're doing or not doing. You can't control them; you can only control yourself. You always choose your response to the situation."
- Stephen Covey

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You're in Over-Drive... STOP IT!!!

Oh my gosh, I love XanGo. I stopped drinking it for 2 months. The rash came back on my hands, I got the flu twice, and my cold lasted forever. I've been back drinking XanGo for 2 weeks now and
  • the rash is gone (whew)
  • no more colds
  • don't have allergies... and I used to get them all the time right around now
  • definitely more chipper (in retrospect, I was much grumpier - yes, I confirmed this with family and friends. I think they're glad I'm taking XanGo again too)

Anyway, our bodies are bombarded with all kinds of junk (smog, pollution, un-healthy food, contaminated water, etc.). Why make your body work as hard?!?!?! Take your body off of over-drive! Give it a rest! The xanthones in XanGo fight inflammation - which, as I've been reading, is the root of most diseases. (yikes!!!)

The good news is: THERE IS HOPE!!

Check out to read about it - - after all, knowledge is power!!! And be sure to get your free ebook when you go there - it's on the home page.

To your health! :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pension Plans Frozen

A friend just sent an eye-opening report from USA Today (posted 12/28/05)

To sum it up: if you're working for someone else, you're likely encounter pension problems.
Of course, those at greatest risk are those closest to retiring. "An August survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers showed that nearly half of companies that expect to change their pension plans in the next year are considering freezing benefits for all employees." OUCH!!

Just goes to show there's NO job security if you're working for someone else.

Now is the time to be your own boss. If you don't know what to do, get started with a home-based business. The entire business is set up for you. They'll even train you (the good ones at least). Of course, I found XanGo to be the cream of the crop, but that's another story.

Don't be a victim!!!!!

(The report is Pension Problems Loom for Boomers,by Stephanie Armour and Kathy Chu for USA Today)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Benjamin Franklin's journal of morals

I graduated from the University of the Pacific with a degree in Music Education. The reason I bring this up is because one of the requirements of earning this degree was to take a class called VMR (Video Micro Rehearsal).

Basically, we video-taped ourselves teaching in the local public schools. In class, we (about 15 of us) would watch 10 or so minutes of the tape. Each viewer had a job to do: one would count how many verbal ticks we used (umms, ands, uhs, etc.), another would study posture, another eye contact, another would determine how much "dead time" there was, etc.

The point of this class is to be completely aware of ourselves and improve on whatever was our weakness. After all, an average music teacher has the opportunity to work with between 500-1500 students per year. Quite a lot of lives to make a difference in.

VMR was a truly exceptional class. I personally believe all teachers - not just music teachers - should take this class. This class was also brutal. After all, the point of it was to be analyzed. And then your fellow classmates tell, to your face, how you measured up.

Now imagine grabbing a journal, without any other prompting or requirement to fulfill. In that journal, you will log every time you fail to be sincere. Or every time you lack cleanliness. Or humility. Or justice. Or frugality. Or any of the other 13 morals.

Benjamin Franklin did just that. His goal was to one day, have a "clean slate." Meaning he was morally sound. And he did this for several years. My point is, his desire to become the best person he could be is mind-blowing. The class I experienced in just a few months was his way of life. No wonder he was such a great leader.