Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Too Afraid to make Scrambled Eggs?!?

I love scrambled eggs... but I'm too afraid to make them.

I'm worried that if I overcook the eggs, they'll be rubbery - or worse - burnt. And if I undercook the eggs, they'll be runny with a possible side effect of salmonella. Of course there's the in-between stage of "just perfect" but then I'm sure I'll second-guess myself, think they're not quite perfect, let them cook longer, and end up with overcooked eggs. So I just don't make scrambled eggs - and can't even entertain the thought of over-easy.

Ok, you got me. It's not true. Well, the egg-loving part is. But the too-afraid-to-make-them isn't. Ridiculous, I know.

So I'm sure you'll agree this is absurd too:
"I just wish I could ______, but I'm afraid I'll fail and look dumb." (Fill in the blank. Here are some examples: break loose on the dance floor... turn my great idea into a profiting business... go skydiving... be a confident public speaker... belt it out on karaoke night... dazzle everyone with my wit at a party)

Uhhh... wait a minute... I think we've all said that before. Ooops.

Maybe we should apply the silly egg story to everything else we want to try.

Because at least if you TRY, you can pinpoint what went wrong and fix it. And celebrate what went right too. Wishes can't be improved upon. Actions can.

I think Nike had it right....
Just Do It.

P.S. No eggs were harmed in the making of this blog, however, 1 was overcooked.


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