Monday, March 06, 2006

Don't let the guy in your watchtower go on break!

Becuase fear is sneaky. And the mind seems to latch on to fear a whole lot easier than success.

I know I've already posted a subject on fear. But, as life is, when someone who matters to us is affected by fear, it seems to really hit home. It's no longer "oh yes, what an interesting concept" or "isn't it a shame so many people hold themselves back because of little old fear?".
It's now extremely personal, and very very close.

Just this past weekend, I was speaking to a friend whom I considered to be extremely positive. In fact, she's wonderful at twisting the fear into a positive, "can-do" light. So when such a strong, positive force is affected by negativity, you tend to take notice. Anyway, we were discussing a business opportunity that is right up her alley. In fact, it pretty much incorporates everything she loves to do. Once we put all the possibilities out on the table, her first response was a negative - one that doubted her abilities. Here is this amazing woman, yet her first response is to doubt herself. (and needlessly, I might add. I'm still shocked.)

Her response has certainly caused me to inspect my thoughts. So, just a reminder: Just as a school teacher is vigilant of the children in her class - and would not allow unacceptable behavior to continue, we must be extremely watchful of our thoughts.

Life is too great to let fear get in the way.


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